The Wassmer

Young and experienced, approachable and disciplined: what at first seems contradictory comes together easily in Wassmer’s world. Since 2015 he has been a driving force behind the establishment of the new Swiss cuisine. Two Michelin stars and 18 points from the Gault-Millau are proof to his ambition. Telling stories, reviving old memories, and creating new ones is his purpose – a simply impressive balancing act between nostalgia and the avant-garde.

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Sven Wassmer
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Preserved vegetables from the 7132 Silver kitchen

New Pragmatism

Together with his wife, maître and sommelier Amanda Wassmer Bulgin, Sven Wassmer conveys a new understanding of the contemporary culinary art where focus and foresight are not contradictory, but equal key properties.

The Swiss Alps, with its unique biodiversity, are as relevant to his work as his personal experience, knowledge, and access to the edible treasures that can be found outside of his current periphery.

Free from ideologies, Wassmer finds his bearings in practical standards and relies on variation and the highest quality to not only fulfil expectations but to exceed them – without exception.

Valley of Vals, Switzerland

The Alps, his culinary treasure chest

On the steep slopes of the Val Lumnezia Wassmer forages wild fruit, herbs and mushrooms for his dishes. Close by, in Cumbel, they pull the fresh chars out from the glacier water and local potatoes are grown in the Albula valley.

Deeply rooted into the real world and with high precision he creates his seasonal cuisine based on the region’s wisdom and richness. In order to reach his ambitious goal to inspire experts and gourmets alike he combines rare local ingredients with the best produce from all over the world.

Chef Sven Wassmer preparing plates